Frederick Community Information


Parents in Frederick will be happy to know that their children will receive a top notch education at all levels from K-12 and are able to choose between public and private educational institutions. All public schools in Frederick are part of the St. Vrain Valley School District, which is the tenth largest school district in Colorado. Frederick Elementary School has a pre-K program and offers bilingual programs as well. The Carbon Valley Academy is a charter K-9 school and is the newest public tuition-free school in the district. Over half of the graduates from Frederick High School continue their education at post-secondary institutions and several graduates have earned appointments to military academies.


Residents of Frederick generally have a higher average income as compared with the rest of the Colorado. The most common industries in Frederick are construction, healthcare, computer and technical services/products, and public administration.


Golf lovers will be immediately drawn to the Bella Rosa Golf Course, a 73 acre course that provides tournament-quality greens and an ideal 9-hole round for players of all skill levels. History buffs will love the Miners' Memorial and the Miners' Museum which honors Colorado miners from past to present. The Miner's Museum was originally the Frederick City Hall, and now is home to mining exhibits and a model of Frederick in it mining days.


As Frederick grows, its residents have made sure that the town's outdoor area grows to balance the new construction and new business. In 1994, Frederick voters chose to create a .5% sales tax to be dedicated to Town's Open Space Fund, which acquires and develops open land area in Frederick. For those seeking a relaxing day outdoors, Centennial Park is an ideal location where visitors can have a picnic, explore nature, play on football fields, and take advantage of an outdoor classroom area. While fishing is the main to-do at Milavec Lake in Milavec Park, the path that surrounds the lake is proof that sometimes getting there is half the fun! The truly adventurous in Frederick can find their kicks along the St. Vrain Legacy Trail that runs through Frederick and is a part of an interstate trail, the Colorado Front Range Trail System that connects Wyoming to New Mexico!